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13 Music Productions - KEN LINTERN musician, songwriter, studio owner and  producer.
Lilac Haze Taster
The Cosmic Trippers
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New for our 2nd Birthday we are introducing an in house record label enabling us to further help the artistes and bands that record in our studio. 13 Records (UK) will be launched on 1st August 2015 with a 2 album release.

The Cosmic Trippers debut album Lilac Haze: Psychedelic/Ambient/Instrumental
An aural journey within the mind of the listener, incredible soundscapes enhanced with piano, strings, synths, organ and of course the excellent guitar work of Bev Guard.   

Ken Lintern's second solo album, Live Forever,  this time he has worked with lyricist Martin Sheridan and the result is a hard hitting 12 tracks of stories and memories about Martins childhood, his ancestral home of Ireland and his views on topics that matter to him. Soft rock/Indie pop.       

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