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Song Writers Demo Production

All song writers dream of having their song covered by a major artiste, used in a film or a TV advertising campaign but how can they achieve this.

When submitting a song for a sync or publishing opportunity the brief is that it must be recorded to a high standard and be ready for Radio play etc and so your dream is dashed.

You may have an amazing song in your head or recorded on your phone while driving or walking the dog so let us turn that idea into a pitch ready song.

You send us the rough recording and the lyrics and we do the rest.

You end up owning your track ready for marketing or releasing for a surprisingly small fee! Here at 13 Music Productions we have been doing this for the past 15 years.

Whatever style you will have a full band, orchestrated if needed with backing vocals and lead vocals all mastered and ready to go.


Track Production with male vocal      £150.00

Add female vocal                                    £50.00

Add real guitars                                      £50.00 (to replace synth guitars)

Add real drums                                        £50.00

Replace with your vocals                      £20.00 per hour for you to record

Add a basic music video                       from £200.00


Give Ken Lintern a call 07780 353255   

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