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Ken Lintern & Charlie Lintern

Ken has spent the past 5 decades making a living in the Music Industry.

He spent many years as Pro Musician and Band Leader, Session Musician, Song Writer, Vocalist, Recording Artiste, Arranger, Producer, Artiste Manager, Booking Agent and Promoter and even a period as Sales Manager for Fender Guitars

These days he is always on hand to offer his wealth of experience and play keys on any sessions as needed

Still prolific writing and releasing his own solo albums and writing to order for various publishers.

Besides running the business side of 13 Media and working on his own projects he produces high-quality demos for song writers.

Charlie is the youngster but is an astounding house engineer, he also sings, plays guitar and bass and is heavily into producing the latest sounds.

He started in the studio whilst still at school and was running sessions on his own when he was only 16 years old.

A two year course in Music Production at Weston College finished with star distinctions. He was quietly advised not to go to Uni but to continue working at the studio and by the time he would have finished a degree he will have around 50 albums to his credit.

Live Room Drum Kit

Being musicians, the guys at 13 Media understand the needs of fellow musicians, their temperament and financial challenges.

Because of this they are able to offer every help possible in getting the right product for you at an affordable price.

We are now able to add a live session drummer for you or we can book him to play on your tracks replacing the programmed drums.

All contact details are on the contact page.

Recording Studio in Kewstoke, North Somerset, near Bristol & Bath

Mixing Desk




North Somerset BS22 9XL

Please Note: if you want to visit in person please call first

and make an appointment, this is because we

could have a client paying us by the hour, it's not fair if

we stop to chat or you could waste a journey as we

may be having a few hours off after a long session.

We will be very happy to meet you to discuss your


Ken and Charlie bring an unbeatable mix of youth and experience, catering to all genres of music, musicianship, vastly different production ideas and techniques, as well as providing a friendly, easy to work in atmosphere. 

Callers without appointments

will not be seen.

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Opening Hours

10AM - 10PM 7 days a week.

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