The 13 Media Group - Recent Clients
The 13 Media Group - 13 Sound Studios/13 Music Productions/ 13 Records/13 Films

Recent Clients include:

Lauren Housley
My Silent Wake
Guillotine Dream
Fallen Child
Wych Elm
Caught on the Back Foot
Attic Attack Recording
Dry White Bones
Issy Owen
Chrystal Bliss
Electric Narcopop
John Ross
Music Makers Academy
The Cosmic Trippers
Matt Thomas ( Joy Formidable)
Pat G 
Isabella Alford
Jelli Records Ltd
Richard Wilson (Actor and Voice over Artiste)
Micky John Bull
Funk Junkies
Ben Fletcher
Barry Walsh

Better Than Expected
Inner City
The Hideaways
Roxy Kings of Pop
Wild West Country Band
Forever Free
Tetronic Plates
Corin Hughes
Semi Tones
Lauren Jaye
Michelle Thorne
Jay James Band
Lydia Bragg
Real Kings of Spain
S.A.M.S Band
The Leylines
Rogue Messiah
Mike Ritchie
Hickstown Breakout
Re offender
Glaxo Babies